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Laughing Crows Graphic Design

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Environmental Design, Graphic Design | Comments Off on Laughing Crows Graphic Design

Graphic design is all about using color, words, and images, to convey a message. Our team of graphic designers has to know a lot about color theory, typography, how to create a grid but those are only the basics. Being a member of Laughing Crows Graphic Design team requires for one to be a person who is interested in understanding human behavior, being able to understand how they chose, think, how they buy, what they believe. A lot of people probably don’t think about how much graphic design impacts our lives. We use graphic design to cross the street, choose what we want to eat as all the advertising images and signs come from graphic design offices. We use graphic design in every single aspect of human life right now.

Why are we the best at what we do?
3People usually buy things with which they feel some connection in a way of thinking or lifestyle, any similarity to their way of living. That is exactly what we do at Laughing Crow Graphic Design; we advertise in such way that makes the customer connected with the product, the visual of the advertisement on the product moves them creating a powerful effect that makes the decision of buying much easier. When our team works on a package design, they are focusing on creating an idea behind it rather than just creating a visually stunning image. There must be some wit, some language, a feeling that there is a human hand behind what the customers are interacting with. It is that emotion that triggers the connection feeling that ultimately leads them toward making the decision of buying the product.

Environmental Design.
14433-2A lot of times when people think about signage and environmental graphics, they think that it always involves letters. But what it involves is landmarks, creating a moment that somebody remembers and immediately understands. Our graphic designers aren’t trained necessarily to think in dimension, but they do need to identify things within space that the architecture wouldn’t be doing otherwise through color, type, and light.
Our philosophy.
8da2117288f84733c08fd03c0e686180_hWe use graphic design now in many ways and forms to explain who we are as human beings, to define affiliations, to signal beliefs. If we can contribute in any way to making people’s lives a bit better and elevate the general level of design, then why now? We focus on understanding how we want to feel, and that is our biggest quality, the fact that we care about human emotions that are essential. We are always trying to create something memorable that will live eternally in a form of an idea. We give our designers the freedom to create something interesting and smart and then focus on what the survey says. This way no one lacks in creativity and inspiration. By motivating our team of designers to understand human nature and our need for the material, we stand out from our competition and bring more quality to the services that we provide.

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